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New Member Frequently Asked Questions

Does ARO hold an informational?

Yes! There are two informationals for Aggies Reaching Out: Tuesday, August 29th at 7:00PM (over Zoom) and Thursday, August 31st at 8:30PM (in MSC 1401). Come out and join us! We would love to meet you!

When are ARO meetings?

Aggies Reaching Out meets biweekly on Thursdays at 8:30PM in MSC 1401.

What is the time commitment for this organization?

As with everything, you get out of ARO what you put in. The biweekly meetings are mandatory and we require each member to earn a certain amount of points (service and social points, the amount is subject to change depending on the semester) per semester in order to remain a counselor. There are many service opportunities presented weekly where counselors can volunteer when they prefer. Upon application, the dates for the two main ARO programs are presented so that students can commit to ARO during those times.
However, do not let this discourage you from applying. This organization is staffed with college students who all have many different time commitments of work, school, and other organizations. We therefore understand that every college student is busy and are willing to work with all students that have a passion for our purpose.

Is this a service or a social organization?

ARO is classified at Texas A&M University as a service organization. However, we aim to provide a balance of service and social opportunities throughout the semester. We want this organization to be fulfilling to all counselors on a service level as well as a social level by developing friendships with fellow Texas A&M students.

What is the application process like to become a new member?

Each new member will first submit an electronic application. After the application is received, the potential new member will sign up for an interview with a member of ARO staff. Interviews are very casual and interviewees can therefore dress casually.

What are the different committees in ARO and what do each of them do?

Every member in ARO is a part of one of the following committees:

  • Operations:  regulates ARO fundraising (profit shares, bake sales, donor contacts, etc), determines food and housing for ARO trips, mediates all ARO finances and budgets, etc.

  • Administration: puts on ARO meetings, mediates ARO paperwork, puts on morning activities on ARO trips, etc.

  • Growth and Enrichment: Finds new ARO service opportunities, manages curriculum for ARO trips, etc.

  • Outreach: designs fall and spring PR, plans and puts on ARO socials/retreats, etc.

Do I get to choose my committee?

During the application process, each applicant will pref two committees that they want to be a part of. Each applicant's preference will be taken into account as well as what committee they could best contribute to.

What does ARO do all semester?

ARO is focused around two main trips: ARO Bryan in January and ARO Houston in May. Between planning and fundraising for these trips, counselors volunteer within the local middle/high schools in the Bryan/College Station area and participate in various community service activities. There are also many other events such as retreats and socials in order to make friends and bond as an organization!

How many people are accepted into the organization?

The answer to this question depends on the number of applicants and the quality of applications. Normally, ARO has around 75 members. However, that is subject to change every semester. ARO staff is looking for Texas A&M students that show a passion and commitment to the purpose.

Do I have to apply for ARO every semester?

No, ARO is a two semester commitment if you apply in the fall. Once you have interviewed and are a member of the organization, you will not have to interview or apply again for that particular year. If you choose to stay a part of the organization the following year, a different application is presented to you and you are not interviewed.

How do I earn a leadership position within the organization?

During April of each year, the current ARO staff will choose the new President and Vice President through an application/interview process. The new administration will then choose their staff also with applications and interviews. All new staff members are chosen before the ARO Houston trip in May.

Where do I find the applications to become a member?

Select the "Become a Member" page at the top of the screen for the new member and returning member applications. The applications are also available on MaroonLink and applicants must log in with their TAMU student ID.

I could not attend the informational, can I still apply?

Absolutely! The informational is just a means to explain the purpose of the organization, expectations of members, and to meet the staff. Whether or not you are able to attend does not affect your application in any way.

I have more questions before applying, how do I ask them?

If any other questions arise during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the organization. Our email address is:

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