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Our Purpose

Aggies Reaching Out (ARO) is a volunteer organization on the campus of Texas A&M University. Originally a part of MSC Lead, ARO was founded as their own organization in 2015. ARO is focused around providing vital information on post-secondary education to underprivileged eighth graders across the state of Texas. ARO counselors mentor students with a variety of obstacles hindering their knowledge of and goals for education after high school. It is the goal of ARO to inform all students that post-secondary education, whether it be vocational schools, community college, or a university, is attainable no matter their familial or financial situations.

In order to get this message across, ARO counselors are involved in two major trips during the school year: a two-day program for students in Bryan ISD (ARO Bryan) and a week-long program for students in Houston ISD (ARO Houston). During these programs, students are mentored one on one with an ARO counselor, then placed in a program where they listen to speakers, play educational games, and learn information to become college-oriented as they enter high school. At the end of each program, the eighth graders are fully aware of the types of education after high school, the necessity of a high school diploma and post-secondary education for future financial success, ways to finance college expenses, and are overall confident in their abilities to conquer their educational goals in high school and beyond.

ARO counselors are involved with the middle school students of Hearne ISD, as well as other students in the Bryan/College Station area. In addition, ARO members volunteer at the local Boys and Girls Club, The Big Event, Special Olympics, and various other activities throughout the semesters.

ARO is equipped with counselors of all ages at Texas A&M University. Every counselor has a passion for ARO’s purpose and is trained to mentor students of all backgrounds. This organization does wonderful things to the lives of both the middle school students and the ARO counselors themselves.

We love what we do!

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